Business Opportunities During Covid-19 For The Printing And Signage Industry


The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our industry. However, in any crisis, businesses are forced to adapt and find new opportunities. Many companies have had to innovate and have diversified their offerings to include various protective materials and products. The demand for personalisation and same day delivery is driving local production, reducing logistics costs and delivery time, while boosting the local economy.

Zünd Product Manager and Director, Sean Greer, said, ‘South Africa still needs an estimated 210 million pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE). At prices paid to date, that will come in at a price of well over R3.5 billion. ‘Hundreds of millions of pieces of PPE, worth billions of rands, are needed by South Africa alone. Instead of importing these, they can be manufactured in the country, and therefore boost the economy at the same time.’

Bill Naylor, Director of Printbase Textiles, said there are two types of masks. The first is the N95 masks, which should be reserved for frontline medical personnel. These masks have a 1 micron barrier and can block the Coronavirus. Usually these masks are disposable.

This article appears in the May/June edition of Sign Africa Journal (page 34). To read more, download a PDF of the magazine here. The magazine also features a useful and interactive PPE supplier directory (page 8).

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