NUtec Digital Ink Introduces UV Ink Optimised For Rigid Substrates

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The Amethyst A50-RIG-FB is a premium quality UV ink for rigid applications designed for superior media adhesion and optimised for use on the HP Scitex FB printers, such as those of FB 500, 550, 700 and 750 series of printers.

The A50-RIG-FB formulation is optimised for rigid substrates using conventional UV lamp curing and features a superior colour gamut for bright, vivid images. Offered in a 2.5 litre box container for colours and a 1.7 litre container for white, the ink can be used on a large variety of rigid substrates, including glass and ceramics for indoor decoration, without the need for primers. Provided the inks are used in regular applications, using suitable substrates, these printed images will last for up to 24 months. NUtec Digital Ink products are supported by the Delivery System Warranty, giving customers peace of mind when converting to NUtec inks.

Neil Green, NUtec sales and marketing director noted, ‘The development of the A50-RIG-FB ink for HP FB printers shows NUtec’s commitment to offering our customers world class alternative inks. Our latest UV-curable ink offers excellent adhesion and flexibility coupled with great all-round printing reliability. This ideal combination of adhesion, flexibility and reliability is creating many new and exciting business and application opportunities for those converting to our inks.

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