NUtec Announces Latest Alternative Ink Offering

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NUtec’s Amethyst A50-HYB-EF and A50-RTR-EF UV-curable inks for EFI VUTEk QS, GS and HS series printers are formulated to provide fast curing with enhanced chemical and scuff resistance, making them ideal for a high-speed, demanding printing environment for hybrid or roll-to-roll applications.

The A50-RTR-EF produces excellent results when printing on self-adhesive vinyl, reinforced vinyl banner, styrene, foamboard, fluted polypropylene and polycarbonate, amongst others, while the A50-HYB-EF is suitable for Chromadek, coated metal, Correx, acrylic, ABS and HIPS, in addition to the aforementioned materials.

Specially designed packaging allows for simple plug and play conversion when replacing the OEM’s current configuration, while printer-specific RFID tags are included with the inks for ease of use.

NUtec sales and marketing director, Neil Green, stated, ‘In addition to their superior performance, our UV-curable inks for EFI are all NVC-free, thereby complying to the latest health and safety regulatory requirements, which is of vital importance to our customers and their employees.’

Both the Amethyst A50-RTR-EF and A50-HYB-EF premium quality inks for EFI are now being offered with an expanded colour set, including White and Varnish, delivering enhanced colour gamuts, vibrant hues and the ability to do specialty prints.

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