Onyx Graphics Announces Newest RIP Software Version Release

ONYX 21.1 launches on the heels of ONYX Go, the company’s new subscription RIP software and builds upon industry leading ONYX 21 with a new PDF Soft Proof workflow and Print Label Cut Path functionality.

RGB soft proofs can be easily generated on-the-fly or automated using ONYX Quick Sets for a quick visual reference of final output before printing. Print Label Cut Paths automatically adds a cut path around print labels to provide print buyers with important job information for future prints.

‘ONYX 21.1 continues the vision of ONYX 21 to provide easy-to-use tools that give Print Service Providers a competitive edge in today’s environment,’ said Matt Crawford, Director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics. ‘ONYX users can expect to see more frequent product releases like ONYX 21.1 to ensure they meet the evolving needs of their customers.’

ONYX 21.1 also introduces new options for ambient light measurement using ONYX Media Manager, Custom ICC build options for light source measurement and a series of new device support options, including transmissive profiling using the X-Rite i1 Pro-3, full support for the Fotoba XLA cutter and on-demand colour device installation.

Highlights of ONYX 21.1 include:

– PDF Soft Proofs to reduce customer artwork approval timelines.
– Show finishing marks, grommets, sewing marks, cut paths and label data before printing.
– Include shop logos on print-and-cut jobs with Print Label Cut Path.
– Provide important job information to print buyers for print-and-cut jobs.
– Media Manager ambient light spot measurement.
– Custom ICC build options for light source measurement.
– Centralised proxy configuration.
– On-demand colour device installation.
– Transmissive profiling for X-Rite i1 Pro3.
– Fotoba XLA device support.

ONYX 21.1, covering the entire product portfolio of ONYX solutions, including ONYX Thrive print workflow software; all ONYX RIP products and ONYX Go subscription RIP products, is globally available. It is automatically provided to ONYX Go subscribers through a soft download product update; available to all ONYX Advantage customers by requesting a key update and to all other customers through a licence purchase.


Vic Bay Apparel Grows On-Demand Operation With Kornit Digital DTG Technology

After researching available options, Vic Bay Apparel chose to implement Kornit Digital’s direct-to-garment (DTG) technology, which presented reliability and a secure supply of consumables in the long term.

Based in Johannesburg and in other major centres in South Africa, Vic Bay has been a manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of basic T-shirts and golf shirts for 25 years, supplying blank apparel to decorators and resellers of promotional clothing. They predominantly service resellers in the tourism, workwear, printing, embroidery and advertising markets.

According to Vic Bay Johannesburg’s managing director, Mike Shiller, the growing demand for small orders and multi-colour designs was a poor match for traditional screen printing, a challenge that ultimately led them to consider DTG production.

‘I bought our first DTG printer from (South African distributor) Rexx Screen & Digital Supplies, and since then I have purchased two additional Kornits,’ said Shiller. ‘Our latest is a Kornit Storm HD6 that incorporates the latest full RGB full-colour printing in 1200dpi density, which offers our clients a photorealistic print on garments.’

According to Shiller, the systems have enabled his business to scale and meet new challenges, demands and opportunities. When Covid-19 disrupted the market suddenly, he saw businesses with a strong web-based operation weathering the storm more effectively than others, and Vic Bay responded by launching a new site dedicated to B2B order management, offering enterprise customers the versatility they would need.

‘We are now one of the first truly online print-on-demand drop shippers servicing the print and embroidery community in South Africa, and have seen a dramatic increase in volumes month-over-month since introducing this new web-based operation,’ he said.

‘I would certainly recommend Kornit as the best DTG print system available,’ said Shiller. ‘It’s a true testament to their capabilities that some of the largest and most diverse producers worldwide have turned to Kornit for their online businesses and only use Kornit to imprint apparel.’

Tel: +27 21 510 5665
Email: info@rexxscreendigital.co.za
Website: http://www.rexxscreendigital.co.za

Vic Bay
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Xaar Announces Enhancements To Printhead

Meteor Inkjet and Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) have announced their support for the Xaar Nitrox with a selection of driver electronics, software and tools to ensure that OEMs and integrators can maximise the impact of the printhead and minimise their time to market when launching new printers.

With firing frequencies of up to 48kHz, and print speeds exceeding 100 metres per minute, the Xaar Nitrox is designed to deliver an ever-widening range of uses and Xaar has worked closely with its partners to make sure that ‘plug in and print’ support is available for OEMs.

General Manager of Xaar’s printhead business unit, Graham Tweedale said, ‘The support and collaboration of key software suppliers such as GIS and Meteor, has ensured that OEMs from almost any sector will immediately be able to explore and reap the rewards from Nitrox’s enhanced performance and productivity.’

The Xaar Nitrox supports the widest range of applications and handles the broadest range of fluids. High Laydown Technology delivers very high volumes of ink in a single pass and combined with Xaar’s TF Technology allows fluids with higher particle loading and sizes, even those with viscosities of up to 100 centipoise, to be used. This enables the Xaar Nitrox to print an increased colour gamut and special effects for applications in the ceramic, glass, and packaging sectors as well as jetting higher molecular weight materials for Advanced Manufacturing and 3D printing.

With the Xaar Nitrox offering an array of enhanced capabilities and market applications, both Meteor and GIS have ensured their solutions fully underpin these.

Clive Ayling, Meteor’s Managing Director said, ‘Since 2008, Meteor has worked with Xaar to offer customers scalable and reliable printhead driving solutions. Supporting all versions of the Nitrox printhead, our powerful, production-ready electronics and comprehensive suite of software ensures OEMs can be up-and-running quickly, while taking full advantage of the Nitrox high-laydown, high-speed technology in a wide variety of applications.’

Long-term partner of Xaar, Global Inkjet Systems, has also confirmed their readiness to support the Xaar Nitrox printhead. ‘Our latest driver electronics will fully enable the cutting-edge capabilities of this new printhead, and this, alongside the ability of our ink supply system to support the potential high flow rates, will enable OEMs to gain maximum productivity’, said Nick Geddes, Managing Director at GIS.

The Xaar Nitrox is available in three variants – Core, Pro and Elite – providing customer choice and flexibility for a range of print needs.


EFI Announces New Textile Printer

The EFI Reggiani BLAZE printer is designed to give textile companies the opportunity to enter the digital textile printing market with a compact solution. The 1.8 metre printer offers an innovative, low-maintenance, continuous recirculation ink system equipped with a level sensor and degassing as well as a printhead crash protective system for longer printhead life and superior uptime.

The new high-quality printer is an easy-to-use, smart solution to help textile companies blaze their successful trail into the world of efficient, sustainable industrial inkjet printing. It is equipped with EFI Reggiani’s state-of-the-art technology, offering the highest quality, reliability and flexibility on the widest variety of designs.

‘Despite the impact of the pandemic, EFI Reggiani has continued to invest and develop the next trailblazing technology for the textile market,’ said EFI Reggiani Senior Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. ‘Our customers are our number one priority no matter how small or big they are. With the EFI Reggiani BLAZE, we are able to offer an ideal solution for companies that want to enter the industrial textile digital printing space. We are excited to be able to offer such a solution and look forward to embarking on this journey with our customers.’

Thanks to its cutting-edge print head reliability and low maintenance costs for a competitive TCO (total cost of ownership), the BLAZE printer can produce up to 125 linear metres per hour with a printing resolution up to 600 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi). The printer – which delivers excellent productivity as one of the fastest digital inkjet solutions in its class – has 8300dpi dual channel printheads and can print an up to 8 colour configuration with full variable drop size.

The EFI Reggiani BLAZE is equipped with a continuous and switchable belt washing unit to remove water and fabric hairs. An embedded device for adhesive application offers the possibility to use thermoplastic, resin and permanent adhesives.

The printer also includes other features for enhanced productivity and value, including a 400mm roll unwinder, expandable shafts, an air gun and a pneumatic bar for standard fabrics.

The Reggiani BLAZE printer offers a friendly and intuitive user interface with realtime image processing and flexible queue management. The software also runs a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) job editor, as well as tools to accurately predict printing speed and ink usage.

The entry-level BLAZE launch is the first in an important series of 2021 product introductions coming from EFI Reggiani, including another advanced digital inkjet
printer – a higher-volume EFI Reggiani HYPER model making its debut in July.

EFI has also released an enhanced version of the EFI Reggiani TERRA Silver printer, a 180cm wide printer operating with EFI Reggiani’s unique TERRA pigment ink with binder solution for high-quality, highly sustainable, direct-totextile printing without steaming or washing.

The new-version TERRA Silver printer is part of EFI’s complete TERRA line-up of pigment ink printer solutions for a greener, smarter, short process in industrial
textile printing and features:

• A new recirculating ink system for superior reliability and minimum maintenance at start up and during production
• Several printing modes to ensure maximum flexibility in terms of design capability
• New, real-time image processing that eliminates time spent in image pre-calculations
• A user friendly, intuitive interface
• A more-efficient polymerisation process that takes place as printed textile goes through the printer’s on-board dryer.

The EFI Reggiani TERRA Silver solution prints with smooth and precise material handling of knitted and woven fabrics. Users benefit from high-uniformity printing modes, an accurate WYSIWYG interface and flexible queue management.

Graphix Supply World
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ASLAN Announces Digital Printing Film And Protective Laminate Made From Recycled Polyester

LoopPET ASLAN DRL 19 is a white film for large format digital printing. It is made using 30% recycled polyester and heralds a series of products that are more than just PVC-free, leaving a smaller carbon footprint. ASLAN’s renowned Dryapply adhesive technology makes it easy to apply the film without bubbles and has excellent removability. The material can be printed using latex and UV curable inks.

The LoopLam ASLAN SRL 19 laminate is the perfect match to protect the print. The content of recycled polyester of this highly clear film is 70%. Even though the product is designed as a protective laminate (liner/adhesive), it is possible to print it with UV curable and latex inks.

Both self-adhesive films are equipped with ASLAN’s special and reliable water-based adhesives – thus the films contain not only recycled raw material, but are also free of solvents, PVC and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Worldwide the sign making and large format market is undergoing a strong rethinking process towards more environmentally friendly products. While a complete recycling is currently not an option, ASLAN has approached the matter differently. ‘We used raw materials that contain recycled components as a base for the new films,’ explained Dr. Petra Tschöpe, R&D manager of the manufacturer of high-quality self-adhesive speciality products.

The recycled polyester used is post-consumer recycled (PCR), for example old PET bottles which are sorted by colour and then shredded into small flakes according to material. These flakes are then mixed with new PET granules in varying proportions (70% for transparent, 30% for white) and then extruded to form new films. This creates an environmentally-friendly, forward-thinking composite of recycled raw materials for digital printing. White products are limited in the proportion of recycled contents in order to maintain the desired degree of whiteness.

The 50 µm (1.9 mil) thick ASLAN films can be applied to smooth, flat surfaces. The self-adhesive films are ideal for use in shop fitting, trade show booths, visual merchandising and wherever value is placed on products that are a real greener alternative. Both products can be used indoors and outdoors and are available in the dimensions 1.37 x 50m.


Vivitek Updates Displays

The updated NovoDisplay solutions are ideal for digital signage and come in different sizes for all requirements.

The all-in-one 4K displays have been further optimised in terms of user experience, video conferencing and digital signage use. They are ideal for conference and training rooms thanks to the integrated wireless collaboration solution NovoConnect. The NovoDisplays are available in four sizes, ranging from 109.2cm (43 inch) to 190.5cm (75 inch) displays.

A highlight is the 139.7cm (55 inch) variant of Vivitek’s NovoDisplay, which can be called a digital signage master. It can be used in both classic landscape and portrait mode. Further flexibility is provided by the integrated NovoDS software, which makes content management child’s play. Using NovoDS Studio, playlists can be created intuitively via a drag and drop function and filled with images, videos, RSS feed, etc. In addition, content from social media accounts can be integrated directly into the digital signage application and a software API integration allows for additional functionality in managing content.

Of course, the new NovoDisplays from Vivitek work in harmony with the entire Novo Ecosystem. This consists of the NovoConnect collaboration systems to supplement the existing infrastructure and the integrated products NovoProjector, NovoDisplay and NovoTouch. Various projectors and 4K displays are available as all-in-one devices for wireless collaboration and digital signage usage.

Commenting on the updated NovoDisplay range, Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA, stated, ‘The role of digital signage has been transformed in the last 12 months, as organisations of all sizes realise their importance in displaying critical information. Vivitek NovoDisplay is extremely easy to use, thus making it simple to update information and keep the public or guests to venues informed. The new revisions serve to make the range even more attractive to use in office and signage applications, while even further enhancing the value, feature set, security and high quality that Vivitek is so well known for.’


Graphix Supply World Showcasing Wide Format Technologies At Open House Event

Visitors can learn about new wide format technologies, how the printers can save them money and help them be more productive at Graphix Supply World’s open house event in Cape Town. See many printers in action and interact with industry specialists on any questions and advice needed.

The event will be held at the interactive Cape Town demonstration centre, with showcases of the company’s versatile printers, ranging from entry level print and cut printers to the full range of UV-LED technology.

Date: 14-18 June.
Venue: 4 Gold Street, Northgate Estate, Cape Town.

The following Mimaki printers will be on show:

JFX200-2513 large flatbed UV-LED printer

– High speed of 25sqm/h.
– Prints on substrates up to 2.5 x 1.3m.

UJF-3042 MKII 

– High performance, state-of-the-art small format LED UV printer.
– Direct printing on substrates up to 153mm thick.
– Choice of rigid or flexible inks with up to 9 colours including white, clear and prime.


– Increased productivity and ease of use.
– Choice of rigid or flexible inks, with up to 9 colours including white, clear and prime.
– 20% increase in productivity when compared to UJF-3042/6042 series.


– High performance integrated printer/cutter.
– Fast printing speeds up to 56.2sqm/h.
– High quality resolution of up to 1440dpi.


– Leading the future of sign graphics through UV innovation.
– Printing speed up to 25.8sqm/h.
– 5 layer print.

RSVP: wesley@gsw.co.za

Graphix Supply World
Tel: 27 21 511 5340
Email: marketing@gsw.co.za
Website: http://www.gsw.co.za

ColorJet Announces New Eco Solvent Printer

ColorJet has launched its new 3.2m ultra high-quality eco solvent printer, SONIQ HQ PLUS. Blended with the benefits of never-seen-before print quality in large format eco solvent printing, SONIQ HQ PLUS is the one-stop solution catering to all indoor as well as outdoor printing needs.

Equipped with the ultra-high-speed of up to 85sqm per hour (915 square ft/h, best-in-class pixel print heads, cutting-edge configuration supporting 4 colours CMYK options, capable of 6 PL droplets, and diverse applications, SONIQ HQ PLUS aims to be the extraordinary revelation in the printing world.

SONIQ HQ PLUS holds a gamut of advantages making it making the go-to solution for in-shop branding, wallpaper printing as well as outdoor advertisements. Adding to it, SONIQ HQ PLUS is the aptest choice for a wide array of Eco Solvent applications like fabric, canvas, self-adhesive Vinyl, PVC Banner, window film, etc.

Catering to the need of the hour i.e. green printing. It is embedded with GreenTech® and BioPrint™ technologies offering eco-friendly printing solutions by printing on biodegradable and 100% recyclable fabric media. Thereby, delivering maximum profitability and enhanced quality at an optimal cost of ownership.

SONIQ HQ PLUS is also fuelled with innovative technologies, easing processes and assuring the smooth flow of work. Forefront Gantry Precision (FGP) technology ensures extremely less deviation between jet to bed distance(<0.1mm) over the entire printing span, maintaining consistent print quality. Its edge excellence helps in the smooth changeover of carriage direction, resulting in less jerk and lesser wear & tear, ultimately leading to increased machine life. Its Airflow resistor ensures controlled airflow, helping in the isolation of droplets from the external world, offering a fifth button for de-clogging that maintains pressure for efficient cleaning and reducing ink wastage.

According to the company’s product manager, customers demand better picture quality and high speed. The market is expected to move towards even finer Picoliter print heads. As the preferences would be shifting towards Pixel print heads, ColorJet with its ultimate Eco Solvent product, SONIQ HQ PLUS would be the right fit as per market demands.


TTS Introduces Instant Hot-Peel Foil For Digital Laser Printing

The HCS100/2C-DPR-HP is a 100 micron instant hot-peel transfer film with a shelf life of 12 months. The film is double sided matte, stable, anti-static treated and it has a perfect matte finish. The new DPR-HP is now available from stock in sheets of 32 x 46cm.

Making digital transfers with the combination of laser printing and screen printing for white and adhesive is becoming more popular, but a film with an instant hot-peel release was still missing in the market. The HCS100/2C-DPR-HP fills this gap.

Another new product that TTS is excited to introduce is its direct to film (DTF) Matte Transfer Foil, HCS075/2C-DTF-HP. This transfer film has a hot-peel release and is suitable for digital inkjet DTF and DTG printers with water-based pigment inks. The Matte Transfer Foil is a 75 micron transfer film with anti-static treatment and a double sided matte coating for a perfect matte finish.


Zünd Cutters Prove Their Adaptability

The majority of the raw materials used by Velocity are supplied on rolls and are both expensive and temperature-sensitive with long lead times from single source providers. In line with the global nature of its business, Velocity Composites are entering the North American market equipped with two Zünd G3 Digital Cutters.

The subsidiary in the USA is looking to expand the company’s manufacturing excellence by creating advanced ‘flexible’ manufacturing sites equipped with Zünd digital cutters. These highly adaptable sites can easily and quickly be constructed, in a matter of weeks, to be based close to or on-site with customers. This scalable model has global reach and potential that Velocity Composites has identified as key to rolling out its technology and services alongside customers.

Having used equipment from other suppliers, Velocity Composites purchased their first Zünd cutter in 2011 for their aerospace composites kit manufacturing department. Today, the company has a total of 12 Zünd G3 digital cutters across their Burnley and Fareham state-of-the-art production sites.

Jon Bridges, Chief Executive Officer of Velocity Composites said, ‘We first spoke to Zünd ten years ago and we were very impressed with the flexibility and endless digital opportunities the cutter offered. As a high-end service provider in a very regulated industry, business, flexibility is very important to us because we don’t just cut a limited number of known products. Our customers expect us to be flexible and process various composite materials, depending on the parts being manufactured and the end-use’.

Bridges added, ‘The Zünd G3 proved to be very adaptable, and the versatile tools could process various materials with ease. We were also impressed with Zünd’s approach to software flexibility as we have developed our own system to drive the machines, manage material efficiency and control the technical requirements of our products. This was an important factor to us as the digital machines allowed for our manufacturing cells to talk to our VRP system in real-time and confirm process adherence, traceability and control.’

Due to the size of Velocity’s global customer and supplier base, the company has always worked towards being the advanced technology centre of excellence for material management and manufacturing. They have heavily invested in IoT and have built proprietary software for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with their Zünd cutters and other systems over the internet.

Bridges said, ‘Real-time data is always more valuable than seeing data from past events. We need real-time awareness of how much material we are using, any material defects we have had to work around, material batch traceability, how often the cutters are stopped (including cause) and their production start time and end time. This information is fed through to our live dashboard system, which is reviewed by production managers in real-time. We also want to take an Industry 4.0 approach using our data and reduce manual steps in our workflow, integrate with all other parts of our system, and automate processes where possible, including material stock control, freezer movements, and job planning. The Zünd cutter is a very important junction to our manufacturing process as it both receives and creates valuable process data which we can use to control, report and improve.’

The company also holds stock of Zünd critical parts at their sites to ensure production never halts and customer orders are always delivered on time. Bridges said, ‘Strategic supply chain alliances are very important to us as we look to integrate existing technology into our business. Our relationship with Zünd has always been evolving and their approach to this was one of the many reasons why we chose their solution above others. They have always supported our customer first and digital manufacturing approach and enabled us to develop our capability to deliver growth.’

Tel: +27 11 789 1222
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