New Avery Dennison StaFlat Series Ideal For Promotional Graphics And Signage

Ikono-Printing & Protection Films

Avery Dennison’s MPI 3000 Plus StaFlat Series is recommended for a wide range of uses, such as: temporary promotional and point-of-sale advertising, short term signage, exhibition graphics and real estate signage.

It features a two-sided PE coated StaFlat liner, and is available with a range of permanent, removable and opaque adhesives. Load the roll on to the printer and stand back and watch the MPI 3000 Plus do its thing. No matter what your print platform (roll-to-roll or flatbed, eco-solvent, latex or UV curable) MPI 3000 Plus is optimised to suit all digital inkjet printing methods and across a wider range of conditions.

Exceptional colour vibrancy and image detail will make images and colours ‘pop’ across a wider range of conditions. The company has pushed its products through the most advanced and gruelling testing process to ensure users have ultimate peace of mind through its ICS Warranty.


• 90μm gloss white, with up to four-year durability. Premium grade monomeric calendered films provide excellent printability every time and are backed by an industry-leading finished graphics warranty.
• ‘Plug and Print’ handling performance across all major print platforms.
• MPI 3000 Plus Gloss White Permanent StaFlat; MPI 3001 Plus Gloss White Removable StaFlat; and MPI 3002 Plus Gloss White Grey Removable StaFlat come in both 1.37m x 50m and 1.52m x 50m sizes.

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