The V651-TOUCH features up to six simultaneous touch points, four-camera optical sensing technology, double-sided anti-reflective glass. The 166cm (65-inch) display is the latest product from the company’s commercial-grade V Series large-screen displays.

The V651-TOUCH is integrated with 4-camera optical-imaging technology that allows for up to six simultaneous touches. The integrated glass layer protects the panel and adds clarity to the picture with a double-sided anti-reflective (AR) glass, preventing mirrored imaging.

‘Interactive screens are among the hottest trends in the digital signage industry today, so we’re pleased to be teaming up with NEC Display to introduce the ‘best-in-class’ V651-TOUCH display with superior multi-touch performance,’ said Sean Smiley, Vice President of North America Sales for Lumio. ‘For companies looking to build stronger relationships with customers and establish brand equity, interactive multi-touch screens like the V651-TOUCH provide the platform to do just that.’

Designed for extended use in corporate, retail, restaurant and wayfinding applications, the V651-TOUCH includes popular V Series features. Its full 1080p high-definition resolution provides stunning detail and crisp imagery with a public display-grade panel that protects against permanent image retention. Along with a built-in expansion slot that allows for seamless integration of NEC accessories, third party components and Open Pluggable Specification (OPS-based) products, the V651-TOUCH offers built-in low-profile 10W speakers to enhance users’ experiences with superior sound. The digital loop-through expands connectivity, enabling multi-display control and daisy chain capabilities.

‘This valuable addition to our product line allows us to offer a solution for interactive applications that require a touch product,’ said Keith Yanke, Director of Product Marketing for Large-Screen Displays and Projectors at NEC Display Solutions. ‘While including popular digital signage features for environments with extended operation times, the V651-TOUCH offers new touch-integrated technologies that meet customers’ interactivity needs in a pre-configured model directly from NEC.’

Features include:
– Integrated optical imaging allows for up to six simultaneous touch points.
– Four 2-megapixel sensors allow for an extremely low-profile touch solution.
– Infrared light guides.
– Double-sided AR glass prevents mirrored imaging.
– Commercial-grade, sealed panel design with advanced cooling capabilities
– Full 1080p high-definition resolution
– Expansion slot supports OPS, which simplifies the installation, use and maintenance of digital signage.
– Enhanced connectivity with DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI-D.
– Remote diagnostics and external control, including RS-232C, RJ45 LAN, IR Remote, DDC/CI.
– Real-time clock has the ability to set schedules for display on/off times and warm up 30 minutes before use for optimum color representation.
– Carbon footprint metro tracks and calculates the conservation of green gas emissions.