NanoLumens Launches New Product Line Designed For Display Customers

GSW – Mimaki

NanoLumens has announced that they have redesigned the well-known Engage Series into a new line of more mainstream display cabinetry designed to be accessible to the growing number of new buyers of LED visualisation solutions.

‘We think the new Engage Series positions us to accommodate a much larger range of display customers and challenges,’ said Brice McPheeters, the Director of Product Line Management and Customer Experience for NanoLumens. ‘We’ve always been great for people who need custom solutions but the new Engage Series lets us be there for customers who need something less complex as well. The native 16:9 cabinet design and slender frame make it really easy to install and operate.’

The new product line uses common cathode to reduce power consumption and will be built with cabinets that possess a native 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning display owners can import and display HD, 4K, and all other 16:9 content without any reformatting issues. The new Engage Series is perfect for customers new to the industry who just want a simple, high-quality solution without any complicated guesswork.

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