Mutoh Europe Announce Take-Up System For Sign And Display Printers

Mutoh Europe Announce Take-Up System Designed For Sign & Display Printers

The new IJ-TUP100-01 feed and take-up system will offer print providers all-round flexibility. It is quick and easy to fit to the original stand. The finished output is automatically wound to maximise production efficiency and speed up the workflow. The system is designed for their XpertJet roll-to-roll 162cm sign and display printers.

The new 100 kg feed and take-up system is mounted onto the original stand of any XpertJet 1641SR/1682SR and is an addition to the existing Mutoh 30kg/40 kg take-up units. All standard Mutoh XpertJet printer configurations incorporate a robust and easily accessible newly designed roll off system to allow easy media loading.

The take-up system is the ideal choice for users who frequently print full rolls at a time and/or are using heavy media types or who are using media that is difficult to unwind and feed due to static or a sticky coating.

An extra advantage for print providers investing in a TUP100 system is that they can increase their production efficiency. For smaller print runs and low weight media rolls, they can also keep using the standard 30kg roll off system in combination with the 100kg take-up system.


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