STIXO-Signage Supplies

Modico will showcase its range of high-tech stamp machines and stamp consumables at the Sign Africa Expo, taking place from 21-23 August at the Sandton Convention Centre. Modico uses a new and revolutionary manufacturing method for stamps: the permanent stamp – also known as Flash Stamp, because it is produced with a flash-unit. Sharp and even imprints of best quality characterise these kinds of stamps.

How the Modico stamp works:

The ink pad is placed behind the printing plate which is made of a microporous special foamed material, that stays ink-permeable only at the unexposed areas. The exposed areas are ink-impermeable. If you press the stamp, the ink will be dispensed through the ink-permeable areas of the text plate onto the paper. 

This is why there isn’t any loss of quality, which is the result of the uneven transfer of ink from the ink plate onto the text plate, like it is common with conventional wooden – or self-inking stamps made of polymer or rubber. A new modico┬« is created in three minutes. Its imprint is razor-sharp. Its resolution gains up to 600 dpi. 

Graphics, grey scales, photos, personal signatures and fonts down to 4,5 points are reproduced precisely. It uses an intelligent technology that makes a profit margin of up to 200 percent possible. All you need is a laser printer, the modico-exposure-unit and a little bit of creativity.

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