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The company has launched the ‘SWJ-320 S2’ and ‘SWJ-320 S4’, targeted at signage markets in emerging continents such as China, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. The new ‘SWJ-320 S2/S4’ has been developed to produce high print quality in a grand-format segment.

The SWJ-320 printer comes in two models based on print speeds: ‘SWJ-320 S2’ and ‘SWJ-320 S4’. The standard model, ‘SWJ-320 S2’, features two in-line print heads, while the high-speed model, ‘SWJ-320 S4’ has four print heads, capable of reaching speeds up to 84.6sqm/h in draft mode.

The ‘SWJ-320 S2/S4’ printers can be operated in a variety of print modes, ranging from draft mode (360x600dpi) to high-quality mode (1080x1200dpi). Both models are capable of printing for outdoor and indoor signage.

Furthermore, the variable-size ink dots printing (7pl minimum dot size) ensures beautiful print results without a grainy appearance. The ‘SWJ-320 S2/S4’ meets the increasing client demands for higher print quality at an affordable price.

One of the reasons many people select Mimaki products is because they have a reputation of being easy to use, with low maintenance cost. The new ‘SWJ-320 S2/S4’ has three nozzle maintenance functions, and a nozzle recovery function built-in to minimize downtime.

The CS100 solvent ink is available in 2-litre bottles, and is more affordable than conventional ink cartridges. The CS100 ink has excellent properties, producing the high Mimaki standards for colour accuracy, image durability and UV resistance found in conventional Mimaki solvent inks. The CS1000 ink viscosity has been developed to clog heads less often than other solvent inks.

Once printing has been completed the ‘SWJ-320 S2/S4’ minimises drying time with three heaters and a drying fan. Additionally, fluorescent lights are assembled above the printing area to make it easy for operators to check printed media under controlled lighting conditions. Since Mimaki develops products in order to respond to individual market needs, the products have a very good reputation not only in Japan, but internationally.

With a new ‘RasterLink6’ which comes as standard, the software contains various functions including a printing colour simulation and a colour replacement function, enabling a variety of options.

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