Mimaki Europe Announces Award Win For LED-UV Inkjet Printer

Mimaki Europe Announces Award WFor LED-UV Inkjet Printer
Ronald van den Broek, General Sales Manager at Mimaki Europe, with the EDP Award-winning UJV100-160.

The UJV100-160 LED-UV inkjet printer is compatible with a wide variety of media, including metallic foil, fabric and uncoated materials, enabling sign makers to produce a diverse range of high-value applications, such as posters, POP, soft signage, stickers and window decoration.

The European Digital Press Association (EDP) has presented the ‘Best Roll-to-Roll printer up to 170cm’ award to Mimaki for its UJV100-160. Many of the features that make the UJV100-160 printer cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use were noted as key factors that contributed to the EDP judges choosing this printer for the award. The printer features two newly developed printheads and the new Dot Adjustment System (DAS) feature. DAS automates conventional dot placement (dot position and feeding correction) for maximum image quality, saving operators time and reducing manual errors.

EDP’s Technical Committee commented: ‘Mimaki offers a price-breaking device with UV printing speeds up to 23sqm/h. This printer offers not only CMYK but also has the option to install white and clear inks, and the new innovative system helps to maintain the quality because of the control of dot placement and media feeding – one of the most common errors in inkjet printing. The UJV100-160 is certainly an excellent entry level printer, including many features of Mimaki’s advanced UV technology at an affordable price.’

Delivering further time efficiencies, the UJV100-160 prints at a maximum of 23sqm/h with Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC)-free UV-curable ink. This environmentally conscious ink cures instantly after printing, eliminating the drying time that water-based or solvent ink requires. Post-processing and sign application are therefore possible immediately after printing, reducing production time and enabling printers to deliver products to short deadlines.

‘The UJV100-160 is a versatile, robust and efficient solution for sign makers looking to delve into UV-printing and diversify their offerings,’ said Ronald van den Broek, General Sales Manager at Mimaki Europe. ‘We’re extremely proud that the quality and productivity of this printer has been recognised by the EDP and are excited to bring it to market this month, providing our customers with another innovative solution designed to help them increase their competitive edge.’

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