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Never worry about cutting a vehicle again! Knifeless Tech Systems’ new Knifeless Tape is suitable for almost all vehicle wrap applications and gives faster, cleaner trimming, saving time and money. Available from new distributor Midcomp, Knifeless Tape can be used on straight lines or intricate designs, tight curves or even corners. The tape easily conforms around bumpers, door handles, mirrors, etc. and eliminates cutting into vehicles, paint or body work.

Excess tape removes cleanly, leaving no adhesive residue. The tape has a visible, high strength filament (thread) in the middle that is used to do the cutting. Graphic film is placed over the tape and cutting is achieved by pulling the filament up through the graphic film. A clean, sharp cut is made along the entire length, which is as good as a knife.
Knifeless Finish Line Tape is 3.5mm wide and can be used for most wrap applications. It is available in 50m rolls.
Knifeless Perforated Line Tape is 6.35mm wide and can be used with perforated window film for perfect easy cuts every time. It is great for vehicle and window wraps and is available in 50m rolls.
Knifeless Bridge Line Tape is 12.7mm wide and is made for use between wide gaps like doors, seams and rubber seals. It is available in 50m rolls.
For the youtube video, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmNTF-WM4CI

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