Midcomp Installs Latex Machine At Vehicle Wrapping Business

Midcomp Installs Latex Machine At Vehicle Wrapping Business

Mint Wrapworks, a specialist in vehicle and fleet branding, has purchased a HP Latex 560 from Midcomp. The printer allows users to address production peaks in-house, get vivid, consistent image quality throughout the life of the printer, and with quick loading and automatic maintenance, they can respond fast and keep costs low.

Mint Wrapworks director Mathew Wilkinson, who was previously using a HP Latex 280 printer needed something faster. ‘The biggest benefit to running a HP latex machine in the vehicle branding industry is by far the minimal curing times. This enables us to speed up the whole production process. The new machine assists my business in every way possible and it is cheaper to run on power than my old three phase machine.’ He also said that the new loading system assists in making the loading and offloading substrates even quicker than before.

With the HP 560, the company can comfortably wrap a vehicle with a print that has been produced at one third of the time that it took another solvent machine that they were also using to do.

Another advantage of moving from solvent to latex entails no smell or hazardous fumes coming from the latex ink, which is healthier for print operators. The ink is Green Guard Gold certified and the demand for that is becoming more prevalent across all industries which makes HP latex PSP’s adaptive to end user needs.

According to Wilkinson, the machine could open up the market for fabric wallpaper and printed pigments vinyl, which was previously only possible on a UV printer or with silkscreen methods, ‘We could venture into other markets such as fabric printing, etc. but I’m currently focused only on the vehicle branding industry, as that is my passion.’

The company uses Midcomp’s Pay Per Use (PPU) system, a comprehensive and customised programme that supports the HP Latex 300 and 500 series printers and ensures that users pay a fixed ‘per square metre’ charge for the square metres they print. ‘We haven’t printed a lot since we have received our machine, but it is great to know there is always consignment stock on hand. The biggest benefit will come when the machine needs to have its service maintenance intervals, as these are expensive,’ said Wilkinson. ‘With PPU, these service maintenance kits are included in the square metre cost. This avoids large amounts of cash outlays, as you never know what situation you will be in. Cost per square metre is cheaper on the PPU than my cost per square metre on my previous generation or printers.’

Wilkinson is also impressed with Midcomp’s service: ‘Midcomp’s service is always great. They are always on the ball and willing to help.’

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