Metamark Wrapping Film Used For Signage Company’s Self-Promotion


Metamark MD-X was used by the team at Creative Penguin for the bulk of a van project. MD5 was printed, cut and applied and mixed in where it made sense and, just to give some elements a bit of added pop, MD-RF Reflective was used as well. The MD-Class digital print quality shines bright.

Signs and graphics producers walk a bit of a line when it comes to self-promotion. On the one hand, they need access to all the right technologies and materials that are used in the art, and deep creative reserves too. On the other hand, what any sign company produces in the cause of promoting itself had better look good because very critical eyes are going to see it.

It isn’t just the technical and creative elements that are harshly judged when signs and graphics producers get stuck into doing their own work. When anything is possible, the temptation to do it all gets the better of some. The results are over-detailed, confusing and bordering gratuitous. That’s not an accusation that could be levelled at the little van that is currently promoting the fortunes of Suffolk based Creative Penguin.

The team’s design for its own vehicle is grounded in a field of colour and brought alive with typographic elements lifted off the background with ever-so-subtle shadowing. Less subtle, but just as effective, is a design feature that makes it look as though the wind-driven wrap is peeling away from the front quarters. There is a bit of very subtle print-cut-apply action in the blue areas of the vehicle where the OEM paint shines through. The big penguin logo looks out over the rear arches and on the bonnet. The whole ensemble has really got it together.

The livery does promote specific elements of Creative Penguin’s work without resorting to shrieking it out in bullet points. Instead, it is casually voiced in a script that says just as much as it needs to.

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