Metamark Vinyl Enhances Spa Signage

Metamark Vinyl Enhances Spa Signage

Metamark MD5, a polymeric calendered self-adhesive vinyl for printers, was used to help create signage for a well-being retreat.

Among the most recent jobs undertaken by the team at Venture Signs is a pair of post-panel signs that promote the Old Rectory Spa, a wellbeing retreat. The signs feature a minimal design whose layout and proportions were worked in-house by Venture Signs.

Instead of heading for the phone to order a stock post-panel blank from a trade supplier and settling for a near-enough powder-coated finish, Venture Signs started with a sapele board. The wood was prepared for paint that the team colour-matched to the client’s requirement and then given several coats to establish a durable, weather-resisting finish and background for the sign’s graphical detail. The framing element is made from sapele too and painted in a very attractive contrasting colour.

The cut-and-applied graphical detail and lettering are made from Metamark MD5 protected with MG-702, the material’s matching laminate in matt. Venture Signs first produced test prints to establish that the client’s prescribed colours were accurately matched, and, having achieved the match, printed ‘colour-blocks’ on the MD5. The printed MD5 was then laminated with the MG-702.

The laminated material was loaded into Venture Signs’ cutting plotter and the vectors defining the lettering and the thin bordering box were cut and applied to the painted panel. This technique yielded perfectly colour matched elements that look very sharp thanks to each letter being discretely on the background and not contained in a printed panel.

The logo is similarly produced and is on its own island of material, creating an element of dimensional interest within the overall sign. The sapele will ensure that the Old Rectory Spa sign goes the distance and stays looking good for years. Venture Signs used aluminium posts for longevity and long-term reliability.

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