Metamark Vinyl And Laminate Used In Truck Project

Metamark Vinyl And Laminate Used In Truck Project

Metamark MD5 High Performance calendered digital vinyl was used in a truck racing project, laminated with the MD-Class Media’s matching protective laminate.

Warrington based CN Signs provides some dynamic design and livery work for some trucks that probably aren’t restricted to 56MPH.

Giti Tire, which was involved as a sponsor recently in the British Truck Racing Championships, came to Warrington UK based CN Signs looking for ideas and action that would turn a couple of truck racing’s best into potent branding statements. Giti supplied Chris Nylan with its brand guidelines and something amounting to a blank slate in the impressive shapes of a MAN TGX and a Volvo VNL with associated support truck entourage and the Series’ pace truck.

Racing vehicles have something of an obligation to sponsor, spectator and themselves to look ‘dynamic.’ Trucks, arguably, get off to a challenging start in this respect but, whatever they could be argued to be missing in racy-looking aerodynamics, they over-compensate in muscular presence. Chris Nylan’s design accentuates the effect brilliantly.

The design is based on abstract ‘camo’ reflecting the colourways comprising Giti’s powerful identity. The effect succeeds in creating the impression that the truck units have burst through the camo, leaving elements of it trailing in the trucks’ wakes. The trucks’ bodywork is black and the camo and elements printed and applied.

CN Signs used Metamark MD5 for the graphic elements, laminated with the MD-Class Media’s matching protective laminate. Though not strictly a ‘contact’ sport, truck racing is close to say the least and so the livery had to be able to shrug off a bit of battle-rash and still look its brilliant best. The printed MD5’s ‘contact patch’ exceeds that of the truck’s tyres and, thanks to the product’s Apex Class Adhesive, it does its own physics-defying work hanging on to the panel work.

CN Signs’ work for Giti Tire includes the race series’ pace truck, rendered in grey and the support truck entourage. The flat-sided support truck features another example of Nylan’s design expertise, printed this time on Metamark MD3. Making the point that execution and quality don’t have to be compromised to achieve a result that’s only needed short term, the support truck is a rolling billboard promoting both the series and Giti Tire’s brand.

Racing is all about spectacle and excitement. The dimension that close competition adds fuels the appeal even further. Graphics play a key role in the mix too. For sponsors like Giti Tire, the appeal is obvious and the association with a key formula an important one.

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