Callas Software Announces New Release For Large Format Printing

Callas Software Announces New Release Targeted At Large Format Printing

A new release from callas software – version 13 of the callas pdfToolbox product line – simplifies process automation, featuring greater interactivity and an optimised user interface.

The centrepieces of the new release are a wider range of options for using JavaScript to dynamically generate checks and fix-ups, as well as for impositions. Another focus has been on adding new options for process plans, and improvements to how these are configured within the user interface. The new version therefore enables a higher level of automation than ever, once again improving users’ productivity and efficiency when working with pdfToolbox.

‘The new features and improvements that we integrated into pdfToolbox 13 are primarily targeted at large format, label, packaging and personalised mass printing,’ said Dietrich von Seggern, Managing Director at callas software GmbH. ‘We have yet again managed to implement many customer requests in this field.’

For example, callas has systematically expanded how JavaScript can be used in pdfToolbox 13. Users of the new release can use JavaScript to define checks and fix-ups on a fully dynamic basis. Impositions can now also be applied using JavaScript, making them much easier.

OEM partners of callas software can also use pdfToolbox in the cloud, allowing them to access callas software’s PDF technology within their own products without having to install a separate programme or download updates.

PdfToolbox 13 also benefits from more flexible options when converting individual pages, downscaling and compressing images, and integrating with Enfocus Switch. Finally, the new release also includes a new JSON-based report with configurable details about a PDF and its subsequent processing.


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