Metamark Material Used In Security Vehicle Project

Metamark Material Used In Security Vehicle Project

Metamark material was used in a security vehicle project. Birmingham based Abbey Signs (Midlands) Ltd. delivers livery for a security vehicle that’s impossible to ignore. One of Cofton Security’s operations is in Birmingham and the company didn’t have too far to travel when it wanted some stand-out vehicle graphics for a newly acquired security patrol vehicle for its fleet. 

Abbey Signs’ customer was looking for something a bit special. The customer, a self-confessed petrol head with many exotic vehicles in an ever-growing collection, had acquired a 100% genuine ex-police vehicle from the USA. It’s a Dodge, very muscular, and it’s complete with all the ‘little extras’ that can’t be found on the shelves at Halfords and which make it the real-deal.

Clearly, this vehicle’s role at Cofton Security is to deliver the service at the overt end of the scale. This one isn’t about surveillance under deep cover – it’s about being seen, in unmistakable terms, by anyone one in its eye-line.

Abbey Signs was briefed in detail and then asked to design something that echoed with homage to the US police forces but that traced back to Cofton Security. Andy Hyland and the team did just that and discharged the responsibility brilliantly. The design radiates the very essence of the world-renown NYPD and the first eyeball-popping glance, but that promotes and registers Cofton Security on the inevitable double-take that everyone does. Once seen, it’s not likely to be forgotten.

Cofton Security declared the design on target and Abbey Signs got the go-ahead to make and fit the graphics. They decided it was a job for Metamark MD-i-A and its matching Matt Laminate. MD-Class Materials from Metamark relish big ink-loads and lots of potent colour and were well suited to the job. The MetaScape Adhesive System doesn’t give trapped air a chance and works brilliantly in the kind of expert hands operating Abbey Signs.

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