Metamark Film Used To Customise Motorbike

Metamark Film Used To Customise Motorbike

Metamark Colour Change Cylinder Cast wrapping film and MD5 High Performance calendered digital vinyl was used to customise a Harley Davidson.

Jonathan Dudley and the crew at D-Sign reached for a roll of Metamark MM-CC Colour Change Vinyl in black and began their work by hiding a bit of the chrome still on view. The upper fork stanchions above the bike’s convoluted gaiters was covered, so too was a mudguard stay that was calling a bit too much attention to itself. Even a little condiment like that achieves a lot and it transformed the bike.

Next, a skull device was designed and printed on Metamark MD5 and then applied to what would, in Harley history, have been the oil tank but now contains the battery. It sets up a really tasty diagonal balance with the logo on the tank and speaks out of the black with just enough authority to get the point across. It was always a pretty muscular and moody looking bike. Now it looks like it’s been on the protein shakes and hitting the gym. D-Sign Studio does this kind of thing and does it well.

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