Metamark Digital Film Transforms Vehicle

Metamark Digital Film Transforms Vehicle
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Turner Signs created a wrapped van for its client using Metamark’s MetaCast MDC cast digital film.

PT Gas Services got itself a new van and decided that it could do a good job of advertising the company if it was fitted with a suitable livery. The team at Turner Signs has skills that trace to the days when paint and brush were the tools of the trade and the flip side of that coin is that the company sets itself extremely high standards when it comes to the use of type, the balance of layouts and the impact of the overall impression its work creates. What that means, in practical terms, is rather than simply ‘putting’ things on the side of vans, consideration is given to the way design leads the eye and the flow of a livery and its elements.

Turner Signs’ work for PT Gas Services is an example of what happens when today’s materials and production technologies meet a traditional attitude to quality and design. The design simply flows over the flanks of the vehicle, softening its panel junctions and imparting a more dynamic feel to the chunky proportions of the van. The colours do their job too, raising the temperature where needed and bringing an emphasis through contrast to the simple branding. Curt Turner and the team at Turner Signs used MetaCast MDC for its work and the film is protected from all that will come its way by a layer of MGC Laminate.


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