Metamark Cast Film Used For Vehicle Wrapping Project

Metamark Cast Film Used For Vehicle Wrapping Project

Metamark’s next-generation premium cast wrapping film MetaCast MDC was recently used in a project by Signs and Label.

Neon Heating is one of Signs and Labels’ regular customers. The company has a fleet that is now approaching ten vehicles. What draws the eye to the vehicle in question is the lick of flame extending over its rear quarters. On the latest vehicle which Signs and Labels has delivered, the flames are orange. Each van in the fleet features flames of a different colour.

Other notable elements of the livery include the lettering itself. With a background field of black, the temptation to simply apply white lettering would have been there in the design phases but polished metal lettering features instead. It has a red in-line picking it out and adding further definition.

Signs and Labels recently upgraded its Roland printer with a new inkset that features an orange channel. The RIP driving the printer is able to map in the off-piste colour, substituting parts of the standard colour model and filling out parts of the colour gamut where the hotter elements would otherwise have to be compromised.

The digital photographs do not do full justice to the results of adding orange. It is however a truly retina-scorching sight to behold. Not to be confused with fluorescent colours, the fuller rendition achieved by the orange channel avoids choppy gradation and really liberates the printer’s creative potential. It liberates the materials’ potential too.

The Neon Heating livery is a well executed wrap. Ross Hughes and the team used MetaCast MDC, Metamark’s next-generation premium cast wrapping film, for the job. MD-Class materials  are designed to deliver genuinely superior results in terms of print quality to those expected of legacy materials. Signs and Labels’ wrap exploits that advantage to the full.

The van’s stock panel colour is black and the wrap covers the body to the front doors’ divide. The transition is practically indiscernible. The lettering elements comprise strongly contrasting Metamark Silver Polish cut and applied material. Use of this material in livery is by no means unknown, but it is not commonplace either. It adds an unexpected element of surprise to the design.

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