Mauritius News: Chem Tech And Mimaki Celebrate 10 Year Partnership


Mauritian based Chemical and Technical Suppliers (I.O.) Ltd’s Chem Tech Graphic Supplies department is celebrating its 10 year partnership with Mimaki Europe and their Mimaki customers in Mauritius.

The introduction of Mimaki in Mauritius by Chem Tech

The company’s initial quest was to sell media, substrates, accessories and services to the local sign and graphics community. At some stage, they realised that the advertising business was choking because of an insufficient machine and/or after sale service supply. Major institutions such as banks, insurance companies and eventually shopping malls wished to communicate in a more modern and spontaneous manner. Unfortunately, the machines necessary to this ‘new’ way of communicating, were rare, old fashioned or in an ‘on and off’ functioning mode.

In 2009, Chem Tech approached Mimaki as they had all the equipment the company needed to help boost Mauritius into the modern times of visual communication it longed for. They invited all those interested in Mimaki technology to an introductory show and became machine vendors with the quest to annihilate downtime due to lack of appropriate service.

It has been 10 years and the following figures would not have been possible without the relentless devotion of the Chem Tech team, especially the technical team and the import and store crew:

– 100 units of equipment sold, maintained and are all in good working condition.
– 24 hours downtime until fix-up after the promulgation of same-day diagnostics.
– Mimaki and Chem Tech have the largest stocks of inks on the island.

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