HoloPundits Launches Total Augmented Reality Digital Display Solution


HoloPundits Inc’s Total Augmented Reality (TotalAR) digital display solution allows end users to overlay augmented reality content over dynamic content. A customer can then interact with the AR content using a smartphone.

Vinod Vega, CEO, HoloPundits said that TotalAR is aimed at democratising AR for all marketers by providing the freedom to add AR to existing materials. ‘Organizations can harness and integrate dynamic digital content to static materials from actual products, to packaging, brochures, coupons, pamphlets, business cards, user manuals, signage, displays and much more. It lets organisations create, target, and measure relevant content for their customers.’

HoloPundits built TotalAR to deliver better customer conversion rates through customised, captivating and compelling marketing and branding campaigns.

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HOLOPUNDITS www.holopundits.com

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