Innovative Self-Adhesive Vinyls For White And Blackboard Applications


A recent addition to Maizey Plastics’ range is a unique, polymeric self-adhesive blackboard vinyl, which allows users to turn smooth indoor surfaces into chalkboards that work with both standard and liquid chalk markers. Blackboard vinyl is easy to clean with a damp cloth and will not leave behind any ghosting. It is also suitable for digital printing with white and UV curable inks.


• 130 micron.
• High tack adhesive which will stick to smooth walls.
• Dimensional stability.
• Removability up to one year.
• It is recommended to check marker suitability prior to installation.

Aslan’s self-adhesive whiteboard vinyl is a practical and inexpensive alternative to conventional whiteboards. Presentation areas can be created for seminar or conference rooms in any shape and size you choose. The whiteboard vinyl is not printable and for indoor use only. When applied, optimum adhesive strength is achieved after one week.


• ~150 micron, opaque, high quality self-adhesive whiteboard vinyl.
• Long durability and easy handling.
• Resistant to dirt and splashing water and is easy to clean.
• Writing can be dry wiped without leaving ghost-writing.
• Dry application only.


• ~80 micron.
• White, matt, non-reflective self-adhesive whiteboard film.
• Scratch resistant surface avoids shadows or ghost-writing.
• Non reflective surface is perfectly designed for front projections.
• Dry or wet application. For wet application, transfer liquid ASLAN TL10 is recommended.

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