The TRIAC AT is an intelligent yet robust hot air tool for welding and shrinking plastic. It is the first device of its class in which all important parameters can be precisely monitored in a design created for the toughest applications. The rubberised parts not only ensure secure handling but also give the tool the stability it needs when taking a break. In contrast to tools with a gun handle, the rod-shaped design offers professional users a very broad spectrum of use and greater flexibility during handling.

Motors developed and produced by Leister along with heating elements provided with silicon-cast electronics and high-quality specially cooled protective tubes plus a high-performance fan ensure the very best results. All this is combined in a fibre-reinforced, ergonomic 2K handle. 

The operation specially developed for the TRIAC AT via the intuitive ‘e-Drive’ multifunction button lets users adjust the temperature infinitely and precisely from 50° to 700°. The process is monitored and controlled by a probe (closed-loop). The fan is also controlled via the E-Drive. This has five stages and provides efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling when switching off. In this way, the tool is not only suitable for welding thermoplastics, but also for removing paint, shrink-wrapping or repairing plastic parts on vehicles. The tool also has numerous, practical extra features such as diagnostics and troubleshooting, an automatic cooling function and an energy saving mode.

Over 250 different nozzles can be mounted on the front of the TRIAC AT. The tool is the ideal choice for virtually any application. The voltage measuring function as well as maintenance display for the motor and heating element are unique in tools of this class. These also helps users during work, while ensuring the reliability that only comes from such an outstanding unit. The tool is modular in design. The interface between the electronics and motor has been standardised along with the interface to the heating tube. That makes this tool truly outstanding.