Kornit Installing Solution For Pigment-Based Fabric Production

Kornit Installing Solution For Pigment-Based Production

Print-on-demand business models and pigment-based production are both effective means of reducing water use and empowering fashion brands to align with international sustainability imperatives.

Kornit Digital announced that Italy-based Creazioni Digitali, a print service provider to some of the most prominent names in high-end fashion, is installing the Kornit Presto S with Softener Solution for rapid, pigment-based production on demand involving multiple fabric types in any quantity.

In addition to sublimation and acid and reactive dyes, Creazioni Digitali was the first textile provider to bring pigment printing to Italian fashion houses. In addition to providing more eco-friendly production processes, a shift towards pigment-based production is key to their expansion and industrial plans for 2021 to 2025.

‘We believe eco-friendly, pigment-based printing offers a wealth of possibilities for high fashion and selected the Kornit Presto S based on its ability to deliver brilliant, high-quality imagery using the broadest colour gamut, without need for pre and post-treatments,’ said Roberto Lucini, owner and CEO of Creazioni Digitali. ‘We intend to grow our business as brands see what this technology can do, with the old calculations of quality versus responsible production practices giving way to a new landscape in which you can truly have both. This installation is one of more to come.’

‘Creazioni Digitali is a recognised leader and innovator in Como, arguably the epicentre of the modern fashion world,’ said Chris Govier, KDEU Managing Director. ‘They have established that sustainable, durable pigment impressions provide a genuine path forward for the most demanding of retail markets, and Kornit is proud to be their technology provider on the new frontier. Regardless of the fabric involved, the products they’ll be empowered to offer will look outstanding, feel right and maintain their character, while buyers can rest assured they meet the highest possible standards for safety and sustainability.’

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