Kodak Introduces New Fabric Inks For DTG And Wide Format Industries


Eastman Kodak Company has introduced KODACOLOR Fabric Inks, featuring an exceptionally large colour gamut. Kodak has partnered with ColDesi, Inc., Digital Ink Sciences and Resolute DTG, among others, to bring Kodak’s impressive ink formulations to their respective hardware printing capabilities, with a goal of delivering superior garment printing results.

‘We have rigorously tested these new inks and are thrilled with the performance,’ said Grant French, business development manager for Digital Ink Sciences.

‘We are delighted with the performance and stability of these high-quality inks based on our test results,’ said Colin Marsh of Resolute DTG.

‘The new G4 DTG Printer from Impressions Technology and DTG Digital will be powered by Kodak DTG Inks,’ said Scott Colman, president of ColDesi, Inc. in Tampa, Florida. ‘And our tests prove out just how beautifully they print, and what a tremendous impact they have on reducing maintenance.’

Customisation of fabrics for garments, accessories, upholstery and soft signage is growing, which represents a significant business opportunity for Kodak. Kodak is pleased to expand into fabric applications with its innovative ink technologies in its KODACOLOR product line.

‘We are proud of our strong history of innovation and excellence in the key technologies needed to produce what we believe are superior fabric inks, and we are excited to bring these inks to the direct to garment and wide format printer industry,’ said Eric-Yves Mahe, president, brand, film and imaging division, Kodak.

Kodak plans to offer their KODACOLOR Fabric Inks in all major markets by the end of 2019.

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