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KIIAN Group will launch its new brand portfolio at FESPA 2013. The expo’s platinum sponsor will launch KIIAN Digital, KIIAN Screen and KIIAN Industrial. The KIIAN Group is now made up of three key sub-brands which represent the three divisions of the business: KIIAN Digital, KIIAN Screen and KIIAN Industrial. This enables the company to focus upon enhancing existing products and services, while creating innovative products that are right for its growing customer base.

This launch is designed to meet an increase in demand for KIIAN’s ink and chemical solutions for aqueous textile printing and is in line with a strategic commitment to developing the three key product sectors integral to KIIAN’s future success.

Despite the challenging economic conditions of the last few years, KIIAN’s digital business in 2012 achieved an impressive growth of over 23% and KIIAN Group has expanded into new regions including: South America, USA and Asia. As the demand for digital textile and industrial printing grows, so too, have sales of KIIANs’ leading inks.

‘As a modern, global ink manufacturer, we have to both reflect and lead the dynamic markets in which we operate,’ said Fabio Festorazzi, CEO, KIIAN Group.

‘The fact that the market is in a constant state of evolution, means that KIIAN must also adapt to best meet our customers’ needs, while leading our business most effectively,’ said Festorazzi.

‘The brand restructure makes it easier for new customers to locate the products they need whilst helping our customers connect with KIIAN most effectively. We, at KIIAN, remain committed to helping our customers grow their businesses by developing new applications with our high quality inks that deliver profit and performance. Visitors to FESPA 2013 will be able to see our renewed commitment to innovation, growth and globalisation,’ concluded Festorazzi.

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