Kiian Digital Launching Fluorescent Sublimation Inks


Kiian Digital will launch their vivid pink, yellow and green fluorescent transfer sublimation inks at SGIA, taking place in Los Angeles, from 22-24 October 2014. These new additions to the company’s Digistar range are designed for attention-grabbing graphics on sportswear and other textile printing applications.

These highly sought-after fluorescent colours in Kiian Digital’s diverse range take digital textile printing further into the mainstream by enabling businesses to offer new benefits to customers. As well as providing a wider choice to its established popular products, users can respond to specific customer demands and add value with individual and limited edition applications as well as higher quality production runs.

The inks offer excellent drying properties, high chromatic performance and a wide colour gamut. These innovative features, along with all other formulations, are available through the company’s worldwide network of distributors and via direct sales.

The Kiian ink portfolio is matched to specific print heads for optimum performance and the highest quality results. Digistar PES HD-One inks are designed and formulated for the first generation of Epson piezo-print heads. Digistar Hi-Pro inks, tailored for the latest DX7 generation heads, can be used with earlier versions and are designed for printing onto light and/or low coated papers. Digistar K-One transfer sublimation inks are formulated for use with the high capacity Kyocera print heads.

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