Inkcups Releases New Feature For Its Digital Cylinder Printers


Traditionally, UV inkjet printing on clear vessels requires a stuffing agent known as a ‘foxtail’ to block the UV light from curing the ink and damaging the print heads.

With Inkcups’ Transparent Pin Curing (TPC), a new patent-pending technology, containers remain uncontaminated and sterile on the inside and print head life is protected. As an added benefit, removal of this extra step thanks to the TPC system also streamlines the production process.

TPC is a specialised system that enables UV inkjet printing on clear products such as plastic bottles, glassware, spirit, and wine bottles without the need to add a UV-blocking agent into the vessel.

‘We have been developing and testing this new feature for some time and are excited to bring it to market. The revolutionary transparent pin curing system will simplify production, improve efficiency and is completely retrofittable to our fleet of Helix Digital Cylinder printers. It makes a significant difference for transparent items,’ said Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups.

The proprietary TPC system is available as a field-upgradable retrofit for existing Helix printers or on new Helix machines. These include the Helix Digital Cylinder Printer and Helix Hi-Fi Photorealistic Rotary UV Printer, which was released in 2019. Recognised in the industry as fast and reliable machines, they are ideal for use in print-on-demand, short and medium volume drinkware printing applications. Typical applications include full colour imaging on glassware, stainless steel tumblers, plastic bottles and much more.


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