EFI Customer Adapts To New Trends In Interior Design With Inkjet Printer


The EFI Cubik S1400 is an industrial-class decoration system for flooring, doors, panels and furniture. It has up to 12 ink stations that decorate wood with a natural look, even on rough surfaces.

EFI has reported the first sale in China of its innovative wood decorating system, the EFI Cubik S1400 single-pass digital inkjet printer, to Zhejiang Nanaholy Furniture Group Co. Ltd. Nanaholy is the largest furniture manufacturer in China, with 620,000 square metres (6.67 million square feet) of manufacturing space and an extensive research and development department.

This acquisition further cements Nanaholy’s leadership position by adding high-quality, direct-to-wood digital staining for the manufacture of furniture door panels and similar products.

‘Previously, we were using multi-pass UV inkjet for printing on doors and other wooden materials,’ said a Nanaholy spokesperson. ‘This technology was unable to keep up with our production requirements. With the EFI Cubik S1400, we will be able to increase our production capacity, giving us the ability to rapidly meet customer demands while still leaving room for growth.’

The Cubik S1400 has a printing width of 1.4m (55 inches) and can run at speeds up to 60 linear metres (197 linear feet) per minute. Unlike conventional analogue wood decoration processes, the printer can produce high volumes of decorated product on demand with reduced set-up times – with no printing plates to create and no need to keep finished inventory in stock.

Nanaholy’s Cubik S1400 printer will use EFI mineral inks, which provide consistent, high-quality staining without affecting the natural properties of the wood. In addition to their effectiveness for furniture and interior flooring, the mineral inks are also a good choice for outdoor applications as they have an excellent lightfastness in comparison to other UV ink options. The EFI Cubik S1400 with mineral inks is a fast, ideal solution for staining hardwood, veneers and plywood, and users can avoid the time and expense of applying primer to boards prior to running them through the printer.

Nanaholy’s new digital printer, which is expected to be in operation by the end of 2020, follows a successful implementation of EFI Cubik technology in Europe. More recently, in North America, Canadian company Kember Kreative Interiors has purchased a 700 millimetre (27 inch) wide EFI Cubik S700 printer.

EFI Cubik technology gives furniture, flooring and other wood product manufacturers the ability to easily adapt to new trends in interior design, enabling quick responses to market demands for customisation. In addition to digital staining using mineral inks, Cubik technology is also available with UV LED inks, which give users the ability to print stunning, high-resolution graphics, photographic images, and vivid colours on wood surfaces for highly decorative indoor applications.

‘We are very pleased to be partnering with Nanaholy in bringing EFI Cubik technology to China,’ said Evandro Matteucci, vice president and general manager, Packaging and Building Materials, EFI. ‘Nanaholy’s new EFI Cubik S1400 will significantly increase production capability and bring increased innovation and versatility to China’s furniture industry.’


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