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Inca Digital Printers has launched the Inca ReporterPro analytics application which provides useful analysis of job, customer and machine production data and is designed to give managers a clearer understanding on the productivity and efficiency of their Inca Onset and Spyder wide format printers.

Inca ReporterPro gives production managers the ability to monitor their Inca flat-bed printers and access a wide range of production statistics from a web browser-based interface. The software provides a detailed overview across a range of metrics and can generate a variety of internal management reports, allowing managers better insight to fine-tune production schedules and increase efficiencies.

The software provides job, customer and machine production data, either dynamically or at preset intervals through a user-friendly ‘Dashboard’. Different users can set up their own Dashboard view, displaying their preferred choice of job metadata. Using standard SQL database queries, users can search on multiple criteria such as filename, job number or customer name and have the results regularly updated on their Dashboard, or used to generate reports.

The system can deliver specific data such as individual machine uptime, productivity (e.g. total number of sheets printed and job production time) and quantity of ink used per job. Users can easily generate production reports for a single machine focusing on a specific timeframe, or they can examine data relating to jobs for a single customer that are printed on a number of different Inca devices. The information can be used to improve the accuracy of job estimating and assist with production planning. If required, ReporterPro data can be imported into an Excel spreadsheet, estimating system or even an MIS. This facility allows the user to manipulate the data using existing IT applications.

Fujifilm, Inca’s exclusive global distribution partner, will offer Inca ReporterPro software with all new Inca Onset printers, along with Inca’s Print Run Controller, a PPML-compliant print scheduling and collation module, and the Inca Accelerator productivity enhancement option.

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