I-Sub Releases Digi-Foil


Digi-Foil enhances the productivity and profitability of the Mimaki UJF-3042HG or UJF-6042 Series UV printer. It delivers a vibrant range of new digital foils that produce stunning quality finishes onto virtually any substrate. The system offers foil effects that are identical to traditional foiling, without the often excessive costs and time constraints associated with more traditional methods.

Using a combination of a Mimaki UJF desktop printer, foil and a heated applicator, packaging manufacturers can produce colour-accurate mock-ups, short runs and one-offs for proofing in just five to ten minutes, a groundbreaking reduction in time.

With no need to prepare traditional dies and foil presses, clients are potentially able to see a variety of different options at the very first stage, meaning packaging businesses can receive same-day sign-offs of new designs.

The system also significantly cuts waste by allowing foil to be applied only in required areas – as small as 4pt text or a dot size of 0.3mm. Metallic, holographic, multi-coloured, opaque, patterned and foil embossed effects are all possible as a primary design or as an eye-catching accent, or even as a security marking.

The new Digital Foil can be used to produce stunning results on an incredible variety of products including:
• Presentation boxes
• Packaging (short run and proofing/mockups)
• Promotional items
• Gifts
• Trophies
• Leather Goods
• Folders
• Control Panels
• Phone Cases
• Tablet PC’s
• Labels/badges
• Greeting cards
• Awards
• Automotive products
• Security products (ID cards etc)

The extensive range of Digi-Foils include the following effects and finishes:
• Silver
• Gold
• Coloured metallics
• Woodgrains
• Holographic
• Watermarks
• Security marking
• Opaque
• Patterned and many, many more.

With the ability to produce various finishes such as stippled, gloss or matt and the option to over-varnish on the Digi-Foil areas or the whole printed area, the potential applications are endless.

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