Hexis Introduces VWood Service

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Hexis VWOOD allows architects, designers, home decorators and building contractors to create unique vibes and sublimate projects with Hexis wood-like effects.

Hexis downloadable files reproduce genuine wood grain designs:
– Can choose between 12 wood pieces.
– True size files.
– Without pattern repetition.
– High resolution (200 dpi).

After printing your self-adhesive film, laminate it with VWOOD to bring a real wood structure finish to your print. Apply the self-adhesive complex on the substrate of your choice: door, wall, furniture, etc.
It is an easy and cost effective way to decorate and customise your interior design.

Six steps to get wood-like printed film:

1. Depending on the substrate (wall, furniture, door, partition wall, lift) choose the appropriate printable Hexis media:
– Standard adhesive for smooth surfaces: V200 or V3000 film.
– Reinforced adhesive for rough or low energy surfaces : e.g., VCR200, VCSR200 or VCR3000 film.
2. Purchase a roll of VWOOD laminate.
3. Log in to http://www.hexis-graphics.com/en/wood/.
4. Enter the batch number of VWOOD (on the roll label).
5. Select one of the 12 wood grain designs, download the file and print the chosen design on your Hexis self-adhesive film. Do not forget to allow enough drying time before laminating.
6. Laminate the printed film with VWOOD to achieve a structured wood finish.
Hexis offers 13 printable films with various high tack adhesives, refer to the catalogue to choose the appropriate self-adhesive film for the chosen surface.

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