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Graphix Supply World (GSW) has announced the exclusive launch of the brand new Mimaki JV300- 130/160 at FESPA Africa, taking place from 2-4 July 2014 at the Gallagher Convention Centre. The Mimaki JV300-130/160 sets a new international standard in quality, speed and flexibility in wide format eco-solvent and sublimation inkjet printing.

Visitors can find the JV300-130/160 at the Mimaki stand H3D26, Hall 3 and experience live demonstrations of this new product at FESPA Africa.

The JV300-130/160 is the newest addition to the award-winning JV300 family of eco-solvent inkjet wide format printers. The JV300-130/160 offers customers’ greater speed, quality and flexibility and its compact design and affordable price make it an extremely attractive option.

The JV300-130/160 provides a wide range of applications including outdoor signage, posters, interior decorating and vehicle wrapping. These printers produce stunning quality output at 1.3 and 1.6 metres wide, respectively, at up to 105.9 square metres per hour, using brand-new inks and printheads.

These are some of the key enhancements customers can look forward to in the JV300-130/160:
• Brand-new print heads that can easily manage both solvent and water-based inks for a broad range of wide format printing applications.
• Two different ink types that support a wide range of materials and applications. This includes:
-SS21 eco-solvent inks in CMYK, light cyan, light magenta and white. Newly developed inks are also available in orange and light black to extend the colour gamut and improve gradation performance. High-density printing and fast drying time enable more throughput and shorter production cycles without blocking or bleeding.
-Sb53 water-based sublimation inks for printing on textiles, producing bright colours and enabling high-density printing. The ideal print material is polyester, which is used for apparel fabric, sports uniforms, swimsuits and soft signage. The sedimentary degree of the Sb53 ink is lower than a conventional sublimation ink, resulting in a much more stable print without uneven colours.
• The latest Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS3) technology which is an innovative approach to discharging ink droplets to minimise, or even eliminate, banding in high production mode to create a beautiful print image.
• The ability to lay down a denser layer of solvent white ink, producing excellent opacity and brilliant colours on either transparent or dark/opaque materials.
• Newly developed SS21 orange ink, which can be used as a process colour to closely match 92% of the PANTONE colour chart. Thanks to a wider colour gamut with orange ink, food freshness can be better simulated and corporate colours can be faithfully represented.
• New light black inks and superior gray-balance control produce accurate grayscale printing without unexpected colour shifts. Smooth, non-grainy skin tones and grayscale gradation are highlights of this new printing capability.

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