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SwissQprint announced new innovations for their versatile Impala UV flatbed inkjet printer at Fespa Digital 2012. As the African distributor for SwissQprint, Graphix Supply World was at the distributor meeting held on 22 February. The new capabilities of the Impala printer were demonstrated during a presentation, and print sample packs were shown that illustrate all the various substrates that the Impala can print to.

SwissQprint have improved the outstanding Impala even further, with new orange green and violet spot colours, increasing colour space by 35%. Now users are able to match and print Pantone colours with greater ease. A new silk-gloss printing mode adds sheen to the prints. This option is available for existing SwissQprint users, and requires a free operating software upgrade. Light Cyan and Light Magenta are also available as extra option ink colour channels.

Other new additions include a new reverse vacuum feature on the bed, which enables easier media handling capabilities for oversized formats up to 4m long, and weighing up to 100kg. The optional media feeding tables have been updated with anti-static low friction ball supports, allowing easier loading of the media on and off the tables.

With regards to the ink for the Impala, the company has announced new UV thermoform ink, which is flexible up to 500%. The thermoforming ink in CMYK is stretchable in any way. The adhesion of the new stretchable ink is comparably similar to the original ink, working very well on acrylic, abs and other substrates.

At this stage there is no white ink available, and the CMYK ink is guaranteed for up to three years outdoor UV resistance. If a printer wishes to use the thermoform ink for some applications but would like to use the original ink as well, it is possible with the SwissQprint 9 channels to have original CMYK ink in 4 channels and thermoform CMYK ink in the other channels. This way you can change between them according to your requirements.

Robert Franco, Managing Director of GSW, said, ‘We are impressed with the colour vibrancy on the SwissQprinter, and this news of the new orange, violet and green spot colours will be well-received by our numerous customers in Africa. Our customers in the packaging and industrial application industries, will be particularly interested in this news, because Pantone colour matching is imperative for them. This year we aim to focus on growing our business once again, and we are always pleased to hear of new technological developments, which will help our customers to broaden their applications, and streamline workflow. Since we have been selling SwissQprint machines for three years now, we have a strong team of experienced technicians and knowledgeable sales people. The experience of our technical team allows GSW to offer unparalleled support, and customers are with minimal downtime.’

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