Graphix Supply World Installs Large Format LED Roll-To-Roll Printer

Graphix Supply World Installs Large Format LED Roll-To-Roll Printer
Sidney Ouahnoun, EFI; Martin Van Wyk, Vantage Digital; Rob Franco, GSW; Frank Vrany, Vantage Digital; Bernard Truter, GSW and Gilbert Makhafola, Vantage Digital.

Vantage Digital has purchased an EFI Vutek 5r+ through Graphix Supply World (GSW). The machine is considered one of the most technically advanced five-metre LED roll-to-roll printers on the market.

Vantage Digital is a large format digital printing company that runs 24 hours a day. Its large format printers enable the company to produce work on billboards and buildings for site wraps, as well as the likes of banners, backlit lightboxes and truck tarpaulins.

Vantage Digital’s Frank Vrany said, ‘With benefits like a better speed and quality ratio and white printing, the machine opens more possibilities for Out-of-Home printing. With the guaranteed quality and productivity, we can grow our existing customer base and focus on developing new markets.’

Vantage Digital have worked hand in hand over the past years with GSW and have procured several of its printers. ‘The professional installation and on site training conducted is highly commendable and our print operators received their certificates – passing the examination with flying colours,’ said Vrany.

GSW managing director Robert Franco said, ‘GSW and EFI are extremely proud to be associated with Vantage and have been a partner of Vantage for a number of years, having supplied numerous printing and finishing machines, and are sure that we will supply more EFI industrial printers in years to come.’

The EFI Vutek 5r+ features a completely reengineered printing algorithm, printing point conditions – such as pulse, temperature, voltage and frequency – for higher density and an overall quality improvement. The redesigned platform chassis elements ensure higher robustness and sustainability. Media handling accessories, such as the 7.6cm metal bar, improve 5m wide media loading.

Martin van Wyk, consultant to Vantage Digital, said Vantage Digital has world class print facilities, and that the new EFI Vutek in particular places Vantage Digital in a prime position to rise above its competitors, establishing it as a leader in the Out-of-Home industry.

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