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Graphix Supply World (GSW) has announced a new agency and distributorship agreement with Riso Kagaku to distribute its Goccopro product range. Established in Japan in 1946, Riso’s products have been sold in more than 150 countries worldwide. 

GSW already launched the new Goccopro digital screen maker during two Open House events held in November 2012. 

Goccopro is an eco-friendly digital screen maker that is unique in its field and enables screen printing onto various media, such as: textile, plastic, glass, metal and more. The computer to screen digital screen maker minimises traditional lengthy and messy screen making procedures, as it eliminates the need for chemicals, emulsions, water, dark rooms and film positives. Steps like exposure and drying are skipped, providing cost-savings, space savings and time savings in production.

The print-on-demand solution provides screen-printing businesses with the capability of transferring images onto t-shirts in under five minutes. The simplified high-speed process takes just 105 seconds from image to screen. Goccopro is compatible with both Mac and PC, enabling sign makers to use an integrated workflow from design, through to printing. 

In response to the rising demand from emerging markets, and to move towards digital technology, we are pleased to be able to offer a solution to screen-printers to minimise wastage, time and increase efficiency in the screen-making process. Goccopro is a great addition to our company. We are able to offer the complete entry level solutions throughout the entire African continent,’ said Managing Director of GSW, Robert Franco.