Grafitack GEF Series MATT Contains No Plasticisers Or PVC


Grafitack GEF Series MATT is a soft Grafityp Ecology Film without any chlorine or plasticisers.

GEF MATT polyolefin-based films look the same, feel similar and can be applied in exactly the same way as traditional PVC ­films, yet their composition is completely different. GEF is a less polluting, synthetic material and does not contain any PVC or plasticisers, nor does it contain any lead chromate based colour pigments.

GEF MATT films have dispersion based adhesives, so no solvent vapour is released. They are suitable for short term indoor and outdoor advertising or graphics on flat surfaces with various colour options. Maizey Plastics offer GEF MATT films in 1220mm and 610mm roll widths.

For the next two weeks, Maizey Plastics will offer a promotion for customers with a 20% discount on all GEF MATT vinyl.

Maizey Plastics
Tel: +27 86 110 0420

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