Gerber Announces New Design Software

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Gerber’s new Omega 7.0 software includes over 25 new features that were suggested by its customers.

Highlights of the new edition:

– User Palette – customised by the user.
– Function Templates – saveable function sets.
– Select by job palette – allows selection from the job palette.
– Persistent foil adjust – easier to use foil adjust for colour to colour correction.
– Keyboard customise – allows user assignable hotkeys.
– Back-cut improvements – layer name monitoring and device selection.
– CS software functions added – including clipping paths and process colours.

‘Gerber’s latest software release has really changed the design process for us with its latest quick key customisations. It has never been easier switching between programmes setting up the same shortcut keys, making it easier for new hires and speeding up our current team. The layer manager additions allow us to move items to new layers at the bottom instead of the top, to best use the routing by layers in ARTpath so that we control the cut order and material holding logic. I didn’t think they could add anything more to software to make us want to upgrade, but they came through again by really addressing the little daily things. This really sets 7.0 as an industry leader and we couldn’t be any happier,’ said Matt Newton of CES Design Studio.

‘We had used Omega 5.0 for the last four years and honestly loved it so much we never thought of any improvements being possible. We recently switched to the Omega 7.0 and instantly realised there were some new features that we never even knew we needed. The expanded colour pallet is helpful for our families in reviewing the design for their personal memorials. The custom key-binds (shortcut keys) make things easier and the raster to vector seems to run quicker.’ – Grand Valley Memorials, Grand Junction CO.

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