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GE Lighting Solutions has launched Tetra® PowerStrip, Tetra® EdgeStrip and Tetra® miniStrip high brightness LED solutions.

Tetra PowerStrip is available for single-sided box signs and Tetra PowerStrip DS is designed for double-sided box signs. Both LED systems reduce maintenance expenses, heighten visual performance and decrease energy costs.

It delivers 30-35% more lumens than the standard Tetra system. With OptiLens technology, bright, uniform light spreads evenly across the sign face, eliminating traditional fluorescent hotspots and striping. In addition, wider stroke spacing reduces the product amount needed to build a sign. 

Tetra EdgeStrip delivers money-saving advantages over T8 fluorescent tubes while producing outstanding visual performance that protects end-user brand image. It delivers twice as many lumens than the standard Tetra System. 


  • Up to 78% energy savings vs. T8 fluorescent tubes.
  • OptiLens™ technology creates an impressively even light coverage of the sign face.
  • Overmolded design protects components from damage.
  • Continuous wire and IDC connectors for maximum strain relief.

Tetra miniStrip solutions are designed specifically for shallow box signs and single-sided signs with a 7cm to 15cm (3 to 6 inch) can depth.


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