FESPA Invites Visitors To Discover The Universe Of Print


The international, multi-channel marketing campaign for FESPA 2015 has lift-off, calling print service providers to 'Discover Your Universe of Print', the theme for the largest-ever FESPA Global Expo in Cologne, Germany.

The 2015 Global Expo moves to Cologne, Germany for the first time, running for five days from Monday 18 to Friday 22 May 2015. The event is set to occupy 62500sqm of exhibition space in the new north halls of KoelnMesse, making it the largest FESPA Global Expo to date.

The FESPA 2015 campaign's space exploration theme emphasises the galaxy of growth opportunities that exist for printers, if they take time to look beyond the day-to-day running of their business. The message is that the possibilities for print service providers are infinite, and that FESPA is a launch pad for new products, while enabling and encouraging exploration and discovery.

The campaign revolves around a dedicated event website at www.fespa2015.com, offering key information for both exhibitors and visitors. The landing page features the striking campaign visual which shows an astronaut, the FESPA 2015 visitor, ready to step out into a star-filled universe, with brightly coloured planets and stars representing the wealth of technologies, applications and markets that can be discovered.

The idea is an evolution of the travel and exploration themes which have characterised FESPA's European event campaigns over the last four years. Each campaign has set out to encourage FESPA's global community of speciality and wide format printers to broaden their horizons and look for different directions in which to take their business, whether through new technologies, additional services, alternative applications, innovative business models or by entering new markets.

FESPA Divisional Director Roz McGuinness explained, 'With no other international print event in 2015, FESPA in Cologne will offer visitors the most comprehensive constellation of print and related technologies. At our last FESPA Global Expo in London in 2013, we invited our community to 'Fly FESPA', and over 22000 printers, signmakers and print specifiers 'flew' with us. For 2015, we're taking the mode of transport to another level, along with the event itself, which will certainly be the most extensive event FESPA has ever staged.'

The sold space for FESPA 2015 already equals that of FESPA 2013 and next year's Cologne event continues to attract more exhibitors. As such, FESPA 2015 will offer a vast line-up of suppliers, giving the global visitor audience an unparalleled opportunity to assess and explore the latest technologies, applications and ancillary products to drive their businesses forward.

As in 2013, the visitor will find FESPA 2015 structured around three key zones:FESPA Screen, FESPA Digital and FESPA Fabric, each represented by its own planet on the website and other campaign collateral. The 'planet' device will be used to help visitors navigate at the show in May.

FESPA 2015's educational programme for visitors will be the most extensive yet, designed to support printers in making critical decisions about the direction of their business. The event will also give visitors the option to join other satellite events under the same roof, for example the co-located European Sign Expo, with its focus on physical, non-printed signage.

Upcoming FESPA events:

FESPA China, 19-21 November 2014, Guangzhou
FESPA Eurasia, 4-7 December 2014, Istanbul, Turkey
FESPA BRASIL, 18-21 March 2015, Sao Paulo, Brazil
FESPA 2015, 18-22 May 2015, Cologne, Germany
FESPA Africa, 22-24 July 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa
FESPA Mexico, 20-22 August 2015, Mexico City

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