STIXO-Signage Supplies

Falcon launched its new range of signage tools as well as the NUtec Emerald E-10 ECO ink at the Sign Africa Durban Expo, which took place from 6-7 March at the Durban ICC. The company also showcased its range of solutions, including its new Marga Cipta cast acrylic, waterproof LED’s and eyelet-making machine.

Signage tools 

In response to customer requests for affordable quality signage tools, Falcon decided to develop and offer its own range to the South African Sign marketProducts include: squeegees in a range of different sizes and materials, including plastic squeegees with rounded and square corners and ones with wooden handles and felt edges; application roller; cleaning swab; rivet brush; cutters; knives, including one with a swivel blade for ease of use; air release pen for releasing air bubbles in vinyl; lift stick; toolbag; suction cup for holding glass, acrylic, Chromadek etc.); gloves; scrapers; magnet grippers and clips to keep vinyl rolls in place.

NUtec Emerald E-10 ECO ink

The general purpose solvent ink requires little maintenance, enters the market as a no-smell, highly durable alternative to OEM inks and is suitable for use with the Epson High resolution head printers as used in Roland VP, VS, XC, RS and similar series printers, as well as Mimaki JV33 and CJV30 printers. The E10-ECO renders excellent colour reproduction and gloss across a wide range of self-adhesive vinyl substrates, PVCs and canvas substrates.

Marga Cipta Cast Acrylic

Falcon has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Indonesian company Margacipta Wirasentosa, the leading cast acrylic manufacturer in the Asia Pacific region, who are represented in 46 countries worldwide. This cast acrylic manufacturer uses the world’s leading monomers mainly sourced from Lucite International, Mitsubishi or Evonik, and contains no re-grind/non-virgin ingredients. The result is superior whiteness in both illuminated and non-illuminated applications and uniform light transmission levels. It is extremely durable and workable in a wide variety of applications such as drilling, cutting, routing, bending, moulding, vacuum forming and fabricating. Most notably, the product is made from 100% virgin materials. All surplus material or waste used to manufacture the product is sold for recycling and all water used in production is recycled through an in-house water treatment facility.

3P/Verseidig Premium Backlit fabric for Dye Sublimation

Falcon demonstrated the backlit transmission abilities of its 3P Premium Backlit  textile, designed mainly for LED backlit lightboxes- the most demanding of backlit light sources.  The graphic is vibrant and uniform and ensures that no light strikethrough is evident through the knit/weave of the base fabric. 

Falcon Orafol