Exion Corporation Launches Solar Powered Signage Solutions


Exion Corporation launched Solar Powered Signage Solutions at the Sign Africa expo in Nelspruit (Emnotweni Arena, 29 June 2016). The solar-powered signs are versatile and easy to install, and they are a practical solution that helps reduce costs while protecting the environment.
When solar panels (Photovoltaic modules) are used, energy from light is absorbed in materials and then directly transferred to electrons, resulting in an electric current. The panels are tilted up so they face the sun and as a result, current is stored in batteries. The amount of power required for the signage determines the size and amount of batteries needed. While solar-powered signs are efficient, it’s also advisable to have backup power for days when it’s overcast.
Illuminating signage with solar power has gained popularity over the past few years. This includes the illumination of billboards, signage in rural areas and signage on buildings, where electrical installation is difficult and not cost effective. Exion Corporation has been studying this field closely and now has the capabilities and expertise to provide this valuable service to clients.

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