Exion Corporation Introducing Black Rhino Laser Welding Machine At Sign Africa And FESPA Africa Expo


Exion Corporation Introducing Black Rhino Laser Welding Machine At Sign Africa And FESPA Africa Expo

Exion Corporation will showcase its Black Rhino Laser Welding Machine, Black Rhino CNC Router and V3 Channel Letter Bending Machine at the upcoming Sign Africa and FESPA Africa Expo, taking place from 13-15 September at Gallagher Convention Centre.

Black Rhino Laser Welding Machine

The all new Black Rhino 300W laser welding machine, which will be introduced and demonstrated at the expo, is renowned for its precision, and can weld very small and intricate type faces and logos at high speed. The finished product has no chromatic abrasions or any trace after welding.

Once the machine welds together the return and face, the user can create a halo effect or backlit channel letter with a quality finish that is flawless in design.

The laser machine is aimed at the signage industry, with the ability to produce beautiful and unique channel letters with ease. There is no need for extra training and the machine can be set up within an hour, allowing the user to start right away.

The machine boasts a rotation of 360 degrees, making it very easy to get into any space, turn or bend with a clear welding result.

No burn marks are visible on the face, so no surface treatment or polishing is required afterwards. No consumables are needed. The recommended materials for welding are stainless steel and mild steel.

Black Rhino CNC Router

The Black Rhino CNC Router can be customised according to the client’s specifications and requirements. It cuts and engraves with ease on a number of different materials such as acrylic, ACM, aluminium and other plastics. The machine is fitted with a European spindle to ensure quality cutting every time and supported by a Japanese servo motor.

V3 Channel Letter Bender

The V3 machine can produce various types of channel letters at 10-15 minutes per letter, depending on the size and complexity of the shape of the letter. It is an ideal solution for small and medium size sign companies, as it is affordable, easy to operate, user friendly and requires low levels of maintenance.

For more information about the expo, and to pre-register online, visit: www.signafricaexpo.com or www.fespaafrica.com.

EXION CORPORATION +27114645053 info@exion.co.za Bruce Badenhorst www.exion.co.za

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