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ColorGATE’s innovative Ink Saver technology, specifically developed for the Epson SureColor SC-S-series (SC- S30610, SC-S50610, SC-S70610) will save users even more ink and reduce their consumption costs.

Using the function Printer Status Monitor users get an immediate overview and feedback on all major printer parameters such as: status feedback, heater settings, amount of ink remaining, loaded media width and maintenance tank status.

In addition, ColorGATE drivers for SC-S70610 series and SC-S50610 series support all Layering options for white and/or metallic printing. Colours (CMYK) and special inks (white, metallic) can be printed in up to three separate layers. Moreover One Pass Layering allows printing colours and special inks in one pass, which increases productivity and printing accuracy significantly.

Special printer drivers for the Epson SureColor-SC-S-series are available for all Productionserver 7 RIP software solutions. Regardless whether print service providers decide on an entry-level version such as the PS7 Epson SC-S3060x0 Edition or PS7 Epson Edition; if they would like to benefit from the Adobe PDF Print Engine and choose PS7 Business X or if they need maximum flexibility and therefore apply PS7 Graphic Arts Flex or PS7 Campaign Printing Flex — all solutions provide an excellent colour management with optimum colour rendering and consistent colour reproduction at any time.

Using Ink Saver, the amount of ink used in the production of printed materials can be reduced significantly without any visible losses in quality on the printed documents. The Ink Saver works in both print modes Contone via Epson HTM and the Halftone (non-HTM) print mode of ColorGATE that uses a special technique for the screening and separation of droplet sizes.

Applying Halftone printing mode, along with the Ink Saver Technology it is possible to save up to 35% of the ink consumption, ensuring at the same time an excellent colour quality and perfectly neutral gray axis. Because Epson printers only use CMYK and no light colours, the ink saver technology works particularly well.

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