EngravCut Showcases Innovations At Sign Africa Durban Expo

EngravCut Showcases Innovations At Sign Africa Durban Expo

EngravCut Automatic Machinery showcased its 1318 CNC router and 1390 laser models at the recent Sign Africa Expo in Durban, held at the Durban International Convention Centre from 7-8 February.

Sales executive Anzel Koopman described the expo as a very good experience for the company, citing much interest from visitors.

The 1318A CNC router’s ket features include 3D engraving, as well as the cutting of aluminium, acrylic, wood and more.

The 1390X CO2 laser machine cuts leather, paper and fabrics, as well as a wide range of other organic materials.

The sales team also mentioned that the 1325A CNC router, best known for its accommodation of materials in larger sizes and lengths such as garage doors, would be available soon.

Upcoming Sign Africa expo’s include:
Bloemfontein: 10 May, Ilanga Estate.
Zambia: 6-7 June, Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
Johannesburg: 12-14 September, Gallagher Convention Centre.

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