Enfocus has launched Switch 11 update 4 which includes smarter automation with new and updated configurators, an improved, easier-to-use Web Services Module and expanded core technologies.

This new version of Switch 11 adds support for PitStop Server 11 update 2, WoodWing Enterprise 8, HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server and StuffIt Deluxe 15. It also includes a new configurator to control Ultimate Technographics’ Impostrip® OnDemand Automation solution. The Web Services Module for the new version has been reorganised and improved to allow easier deployment into customer websites. Switch 11 update 4 also adds expanded functionality to core Switch technologies.

Support for new features in PitStop Server 11 update 2

Switch 11 update 4 adds full compatibility with the latest release of PitStop Server 11.  PitStop Server 11 update 2 includes a new low resolution A4 annotated PDF report for large format documents and Polish language support.

New configurator for Impostrip®

Impostrip® OnDemand Automation from Ultimate Technographics provides users with production efficiency to deliver short runs on time, all the time with full control over page position, variable gutters, bleeds, dynamic barcode and control sheets for best quality. 

‘With Switch connectivity, we move closer to universal open prepress automation,’ said Joanne David, President and CEO of Ultimate Technographics. ‘Users can now connect the entire prepress production to web-to-print and improve management of short runs from a single platform.’

Updated configurator for WoodWing Enterprise 8 adds new features

WoodWing’s solutions are used by the full spectrum of publishers for the publication of media-rich content. These include print, online and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. 

With the enhanced integration of Enfocus Switch and WoodWing Enterprise, publishers are able to automate their media production processes. Reception, sorting, processing and routing of assets can be fully automated by Switch.

The new configurator for WoodWing Enterprise adds a dynamic selection option for the Current Issue and Next status, support for Dossier and Child object, including compatibility with version 8.

Updated configurator for HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server

HP SmartStream Print Servers are reliable, high-performance solutions that grow with business volume, production and application complexity to maximise productivity from HP Indigo digital presses.

HP has enhanced its HP Digital Front End JDF Control configurator (now version 1.5) to allow users to drive all JDF settings through variables or script expressions for better automation of workflows. Now settings in the configurator can be driven from data in an external XML file, database entries, metadata or any number of sources.

The updated JDF configurator includes additional JDF capabilities such as multiple substrate selections, banner and divider sheet selection; retain time, jogging and the ability to drive PPML assets using external assets in a ZIP package.

Support for StuffIt Deluxe 15

Switch 11 update 4 includes a new configurator that adds compatibility with StuffIt Deluxe 15.

Web Services Module sample integration enhanced and simplified

The Web Services Module for Switch enables any web browser to become the front-end to a complete print production workflow, a document or digital asset management system or any other process automated by Switch. 

The sample now delivered with the Web Services Module has been reorganised and improved to make it easier for integrators, 3rd party vendors and users to incorporate the sample integration into their own websites or web offerings.

Switch 11 update 4 includes a new ‘Calculation’ variable feature that enables conversion of Switch text variables to decimal values with a user-defined level of precision. Calculated variables allow to create expressions that can be used anywhere within a Switch workflow.

‘Previously, converting between different measurement systems and performing calculations required custom script elements. The new Calculation variable feature allows all users to quickly and easily build and compare values created from any available Switch variable,’ said Elli Coots, Director of Enfocus Product Management.

The Archive hierarchy flow element is a tool used for archiving jobs in any desired folder structure. Switch 11 update 4 adds outgoing connections to ensure jobs are stored in the archive before notifications are sent or jobs are delivered to external destinations.

The Execute command flow element allows Switch to control command line programmes, passing files to these third-party applications for processing and receiving the results back into the workflow. In Switch 11 update 4, the Execute command tool can optionally be set to ‘Concurrent’ to process jobs simultaneously when using an application that supports multiple instances.