Easy Cut Studio Introduces Updated Sign-Making Software Solution


Easy Cut Studio is designed and engineered to be the total solution for any sign-making business. The software features advanced graphics editor, vectorisation tool, and all special effects, along with full vinyl cutting and colour printing features. Perfectly adapted for both Windows and macOS, it can be used with over 600 different cutting plotters.

Easy Cut Studio version 5 is a compatibility update to the company’s sign-making solution with more enhanced functions, support for more cutting plotters, full 64-bit compatibility and much more. Version 5 of Easy Cut Studio has been optimised to be fully compliant with Apple’s latest operating system – macOS Catalina.

‘EasyCut is excited to add 64 bit support to Easy Cut Studio 5. With 64-bit support, the programme can process significantly larger design files and even quicker than before. Both 32-bit and 64-bit worksheets are interchangeable for optimal compatibility, provided that the file can be processed in 32-bit,’ said Eric Lee, EasyCut CEO. ‘As the superstar product, it combines the advanced cutting technology and simplest UI design. We are always trying our best to making it better and better.’

Easy Cut Studio Version 5 is the culmination of 2 years of engineering work and carefully considered feedback from dozens of cutting plotter manufacturers and hundreds of customers worldwide. Easy Cut Studio 5 is the new version of the sign industry’s leading vinyl cutting software, It offers a variety of powerful tools and features to create from scratch, edit and enhance vector graphics. The upgrade of the vinyl cutting software for Mac and Windows features a 64-bit engine for speed improvements, larger projects and more.

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