Drytac Surface Protection Film Used In Warehouse Project

Drytac Surface Protection Film Used in Warehouse Project

Calgary-based on-demand print and information solutions provider WCD opted for Drytac Protac AMP, a unique clear textured polyester surface protection film with Microban antimicrobial protection, which significantly reduces the chance of mould growth and bacterial contamination on higher-risk touch-surfaces such as counters in food preparation areas.

WCD used the film with antimicrobial protection on a specialist project to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 among workers at a distributor’s warehouse.

Drytac Surface Protection Film Used in Warehouse Project

WCD was tasked by planning, design and construction business WII Projects Calgary to create a café/kitchen experience for the business, with the aim of not only overhauling the look of the facility, but also ensuring maximum protection for staff using the refreshment area.

The primary challenge for WCD centred around the protection element, with the company having to source a material that would help cut the risk of the virus spread among workers using the facility, while at the same time not impacting the look of the new images or surfaces underneath.

Drytac Protac AMP functioned as a laminate and was applied to surfaces throughout the kitchen area. The clarity of the film meant the graphics design underneath was clearly visible. Additionally, Protac AMP did not impact the performance of the graphics, nor the food preparation surfaces.

WCD Signage Solution Specialist (National) Stacy Underhill explained, ‘With Drytac Protac AMP, WCD was able to provide added protection against viruses and harmful germs. Thanks to its matt finish, we were able to protect the surface’s graphics – and without light washout to the graphics.’

Drytac Surface Protection Film Used in Warehouse Project

‘The antimicrobial qualities of Drytac Protac AMP also means that the area requires less cleaning, which in turn ensures that the vinyl-covered areas are much less susceptible to damage from constant wiping and scrubbing. Products such as Drytac Protac AMP enable us to address any interior décor or signage antimicrobial protection needs.’

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